Commodity Blockchain Membership

How EnHelix blockchain Membership works in CTRM and Risk Management in Oil and Gas and Energy Sector?

EnHelix is software leader in providing commodity blockchain trading and logistics management solution driven by integrated Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and cloud to serve commodity businesses of size and kinds. EnHelix blockchain is a private distributed ledger. It records various transactions between the private parties involved permanently and efficiently. The ledger can be programmed in multiple ways to allow automatic transactions. Blockchain carries all these activities without involving trust keepers or intermediaries. By excluding intermediaries in the chain, blockchain increases transparency and connects all stakeholders well. The software platform works on top of the best Enterprise-grade framework Hyperledger Fabric on super scalable AWS services – business solutions and technologies packaged for a faster blockchain production system. Enhelix blockchain solutions for the midstream oil and gas sector comprises of three major systems which include:

Commodity Blockchain Trading
Commodity Blockchain Trading

What are the benefits of EnHelix Commodity Blockchain Membership?

Some of the major benefits of this technology include:

Commodity Blockchain Trading

Finally, Enhelix Commodity Blockchain Trading plays a huge role in the oil and gas trading or CTRM marketplace. The main benefits of this technology include immutability, provenance, security, and reliability. If you have not yet adopted it in your business, this is the right time to explore EnHelix oil and gas, energy, and commodity blockchain. You will experience secure smart contracts, logistics, payments, and other benefits in your business.

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