Commodity Blockchain Trading, CTRM and Risk Management in Oil and Gas and Energy Sector

EnHelix Commodity Blockchain Trading and Contract Management is an web-based solution for oil and gas, energy and commodity firms to transact business with smart contracts in order to reduce paperwork and reconciliation for pre and post trade and order operations. EnHelix marketplace provides a portal to connect buyers and sellers and streamlines transaction processing with credit, logistics, and payment settlements with transparency, automation, and distributed ledgers. The system stores data and valuable information in a chain of blocks, making the data visible to all the stakeholders. These chains make it impossible for third parties to access the information. It also increases transparency between the stakeholders, as one data input is made visible to all the connected blocks.

Oil and gas blockchain

How EnHelix blockchain trading works in CTRM and Risk Management in Energy Sector?

EnHelix is software leader in providing commodity blockchain trading and logistics management solution driven by integrated Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and cloud to serve commodity businesses of size and kinds. EnHelix blockchain is a private distributed ledger. It records various transactions between the private parties involved permanently and efficiently. The ledger can be programmed in multiple ways to allow automatic transactions. Blockchain carries all these activities without involving trust keepers or intermediaries. By excluding intermediaries in the chain, blockchain increases transparency and connects all stakeholders well. The software platform works on top of the best Enterprise-grade framework Hyperledger Fabric on super scalable AWS services – business solutions and technologies packaged for a faster blockchain production system. Enhelix blockchain solutions for the midstream oil and gas sector comprises of three major systems which include:

EnHelix blockchain trading offers transactional verification across a network without relying on the central authority, thereby reducing cost, improving transaction speed and managing data efficiently. EnHelix Marketplace blockchain software makes a lot of difference for commodity trading companies in the following ways: EnHelix Marketplace Blockchain trading also present traders with a new way to track the sourcing of raw materials and products from suppliers down to the retail channels. With this when quality problems can easily be detected, having a good knwlege of where it originated and wher it was sent could put an end to unneccessay and expensive recalls. In addition, EnHelix Marketplace Blockchain also helps organizations manage the full assest leifescyle. It can be used the suppiers who produce different compoenets. Whe n acertain copnonent breakd down, oil and gas firms could easily consult the data in the chain to detaom where when and which company the component was produced. It also helps to keep track of software update and avert sabotage and potential damage from cyberattacks.

Commodity Blockchain Trading
  • EnHelix Marketplace Blockchain system: Here, energy and commodity firms can conduct business transactions using smart contracts in order to reduce paperwork and reconciliation for post-trade and order operations.
  • EnHelix Logistics Blockchain system: This was created for midstream, cargo brokers, and logistics companies to streamline their scheduling, nomination, and billing operations with improved speed and transparency using distributed ledgers.
  • EnHelix Settlement Blockchain: This is a fin-tech system for all oil and gas, energy, commodity businesses to process, audit, and track all payments and fees.
Commodity Blockchain Trading

What are the benefits of EnHelix Commodity Blockchain Trading Marketplace?

Some of the major benefits of this technology include:

Commodity Blockchain Trading
  • CTRM Smart contracts - the traditional contractual transaction methods are time-consuming and can limit the growth of the business. With a smart contract, all agreements are automatically signed, validated, and enforced. It does not only get rid of intermediaries but also saves the firm money and time.

  • Connect with logistics companies – integrates with EnHelix Logistics application utilized by midstream, cargo, logistics companies for scheduling and nomination operations that provides transparency on products deliveries and curtailment.

  • Enhance security and transparency of oil and gas, energy, and commodity transactions - blockchain digitalizes transactions to improve transparency and enhance security.

  • Improved trust - private blockchain networks can store and keep a good track record for all transactions.

  • Improved data record management - blockchain offers immutable land ownership for oil and gas firms. Some of them represent millions of investments, and thus, they must be kept safely. The conventional methods of keeping such records are not only tiresome but also prone to many illicit behaviors such as forgery.

  • Promote traceability - use IoT geolocation transmitters can be used to carefully track and trace the transport routes that were taken during the delivery of the commodity. Due to the inherent characteristics of the Blockchain technology – being Distributed, Transparent, and Immutable –, the geolocation data stored on the Blockchain provides the purchaser with an unaltered and righteous source of information regarding the origin of the commodity.

Finally, Enhelix Commodity Blockchain Trading plays a huge role in the oil and gas trading or CTRM marketplace. The main benefits of this technology include immutability, provenance, security, and reliability. If you have not yet adopted it in your business, this is the right time to explore EnHelix oil and gas, energy, and commodity blockchain. You will experience secure smart contracts, logistics, payments, and other benefits in your business.

Oil and gas blockchain